Postgres relation not found - How to fix

This video goes through each step and explains a few things along the way.

The relation not found error means Postgres can’t find the table you’re asking for.

There are two common causes for this error:

This page shows how to ensure you’re querying in the right location.

A refresher on database structure

Databases contain schemas, and schemas contain tables.

Now that we have reviewed the structure of Postgres, let’s start troubleshooting.

Ensure you’re in the correct database

Here are the commands I use to ensure I’m in the right database:

Check which database you’re querying

SELECT current_database();

Show all databases


Change to another database

\c database_name

Ensure you’re in the correct schema

Check which schema you’re in

SHOW search_path

Show available schemas

SELECT schema_name FROM information_schema.schemata;

This command will show system tables like pg_toast that you shouldn’t worry about.

Change schema

SET search_path to whatever_schema_name

Show all tables in your current schema


Search schemas for table by name

You can search for tables with a certain name in the current database with:

SELECT table_name, table_schema FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_name = 'table_to_find' AND table_type='BASE TABLE';